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Meadow Farm Nurseries grows a wide range of plants for patio containers,hanging baskets,fruit and vegetable plants.

We supply or plant customers hanging baskets/tubs & we cater for Pubs & other business’s plant & basket requirements.

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  • Fresh Fruit and Veg
    We grow a wide range of Fruit & Veg for the general public as well as local shops. We are not organic but we don’t use any chemicals unless absolutely necessary. The only thing that we try to keep out is the caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly. We use an interow cultivator to keep weeds at bay.

    Our fruit & veg is naturally grown so isn’t the uniform shape found in the supermarkets but tastes far better as it is picked fresh on the day the customer requires it. We operate an email & text system so that you order produce to be got ready for you to collect at a convenient time. If you would like to go on the list, please use the contact form on the website.
  • Hanging Baskets

    We produce a wide range of Summer & Autumn hanging baskets each year. We can plant customers’ own baskets to their requirements or new baskets can be bought ready-made. All at reasonable prices. We cater for Hotels, Public Houses, Business’s, or the General Public. Please feel free to enquire. We also are able to plant Containers, Hay Racks etc. in fact anything that can have a plant in it we can plant.
  • Bedding & patio plants
    A wide range of Bedding plants are grown as well as Basket & Patio plants for you to buy to make your own baskets & Containers. Everything is grown on our own Nursery and nothing is bought in to sell on. That way we can supply a product that we are confident will grow as long as it looked after. We have many years of experience and can give you advice before you purchase.
  • Vegetable plants

    We grow a very wide range of vegetable plants for people to grow on their allotments or in their gardens. We have a alot amount of practical experience so can advise when to plant and crop rotation etc. so that you can get the best results from your efforts.
  • Sheep

    We have our own small flock of Sheep. They are predominately Wiltshire Horns. We chose these as they don’t need shearing. We also have some Hampshire Down sheep for lambing in December so that we can spread lambing out. There are some Charollais crosses for sending to Market. We have got 2 rams. Eric our Wiltshire Horn ram & Brook our Hampshire Down ram. We also have Alf who is more like a pet. He was hand reared 3 years ago and is not allowed to be sold!!

    We do sell half Lambs direct. The meat is superb and is lovely & tender. The animals are not stressed at all. We only treat with drugs when necessary, using vaccines to help control various diseases such as Foot Rot etc. If you are interested in trying some Lamb then please get in touch.

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    Telephone: 01249 720522
    Mobile: 07885 845271
    Email: info@meadowfarmnurseries.co.uk
    Visit our contact page to get in touch, email us or simply call us. 

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